I Smell Sex & Mandy Here

No real need to talk about the bad at this point so on with the good (Fuck you Shane Black!) Shall we?

Panos Cosmatos’ uniquely beautiful Mandy took us for a strange ride we didn’t know we needed until it was already happening. The low brow, psychadelic grind-house spirit was a presence felt behind the wheel from the start but something more than just self aware, stylized, B-Movie schlock was bleeding through on this one. Magnificent cinematography and Panos’ unique lighting for each and every sequence was a massive pair of knockin’ reasons as to why this flick was hitting all the right spots just ten minutes in. The ride kept on and every scene brought with it more mystery, more intrigue, and more blood. We couldn’t predict a goddamned thing at any turn and we loved feeling every second of suspense that was offered. We were Red and Mandy’s from the get go. Our total attention captured and imaginations capitulated (Don’t even get us started on the Cenobites on motorbikes.)

It finally hits once the credits begin to roll and we feel the release of pressure from the narratives jaw’s finally letting loose; the simple answer to a complex question as “Why did this movie make two grown men want to leap up to their feet and cheer in victory like we used to when the hero wins the day?” The answer is simplicity. As colorful and as fantastically hell-charged as this movie was, there is a primal, visceral plot that didn’t get lost at any point in the vision of this neon soaked monster. No matter how uncharted the territory felt at times in the visual sense, the writing and damn fine acting kept this acid trip rooted in what it was intended to be all along; a well balanced, finely tuned revenge story forged in a basement.

Ass up, face down the best flick of 2018 for us here at Legend Has Studios and a heaping slice of inspiration for what we aim to do here in the future. Hails and Happy New Year! \m/