Gun Dreams For Dummies


Walking in blind to things is something I do. Be it breakups, fist fights, restaurants, concerts or movies adapted from a popular manga. This past Valentine’s weekend turned out to be one of those few instances where my ignorance was rewarded and I walked out of the theater a newly christened fan of Yukito Kishiro’s “Ganmu.” Today I will keep it brief. I’m not going to break this battle ready movie down for analysis, give you a wiki styled history lesson, praise the stellar cast, the magnificent crew or even dick ride Robert Rodriguez while blowing James Cameron for being who they are (fucking WILD badasses) and being able to cram so much fun into a two hour run time without losing me anywhere before the credits. Instead I’m going to raise my hands to the sky and type my thanks to the heavens for giving myself and Legend Has It Studios what we’re thirsty for; MORE SCI-FI!

This movie cost A TON of money and more than likely won’t make it all back domestically unless superhero fatigue is as real as some have been saying and our sci-fi starved ilk get off their couches to hit the box office in the coming weeks. The pressure to find a date for this one is off but I recommend watching this with someone who knows fun when they see it and believes in magic on even the most basic of levels. I truly feel that this one was made for True Believers like us fam, so go see this and let Robert & Co. know that this adaptation claps and we’re clamoring for seconds and thirds.