The Niche Will Provide

We came. We saw. We recon’d!

Four years had elapsed since “LHIS” Founder, Everett Kelley, last stepped foot outside of New Mexico’s entrapping borders. A sad fact for sure but a fact that made his return visit to White Wakanda this past weekend that much more prophetic. The Denver Independent Comic & Art Expo (DiNK) celebrated it’s fourth year of being by driving a stake right into the goddamned heart of Denver with a geeky vengeance.

With the smell of cannabis and churros in the air, we entered the fray on the third and final day of the expo with the shared enthusiasm of two virgins given the green light to bone. The overwhelming delight of touring the three floored kaleidoscope of art styles and personalities was matched only by our sense of belonging in a building brimming with heavy hitters. We marked our competitors, made our introductions to future talent prospects and by divine happenstance acquainted ourselves with “The Wizard of DiNK.”

Give us a year and we’ll prove to you that which we already know: The niche will provide.

And we will reciprocate in kind.